Policies and Procedures

Customer Information and Privacy Policy

Citizens Community Bank is committed to protecting privacy of its customers information. As part of our commitment to protecting our customer's privacy we have adopted the following privacy principles and have implemented them at all levels of our organization.

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Our Customers Expect Privacy

We understand that you expect your personal and financial affairs to be held in the strictest confidence. As a customer of Citizens Community Bank, you have entrusted us to protect your privacy and to safeguard your personal information.

We Will Maintain Accurate Information

Maintaining the accuracy of your personal information is important. We strive to assure that your personal information is accurate, current and complete. We have procedures to correct inaccurate information in a timely manner, including processes to update information or remove outdated information. If you discover any information we have about you that is incorrect, please let us know.

Why We Collect, Retain and Use Customer Information

We collect, retain, and use information about you only where we believe you will help administer our business to provide products, services, and other opportunities to you. If we collect information about you, we will do so only for specific business purpose; and if you request, we will tell you why we are collecting the information. Some of the reasons we use your information are the following: to protect and administer your records, accounts, and funds; to comply with certain laws and regulations; to help us design and improve our products and services; and better understand your financial needs.

We Limit Employee Access To Your Information

Access to personally identifiable information about you is limited to those employees who have specific business reason to know such information. Our employees are educated and trained on the importance of confidentiality and privacy of customer information. Appropriate disciplinary action is taken if this policy or other procedures relating to this policy are not adhered to.

Security Features Protect Your Information

We establish and maintain security procedures designed to help prevent unauthorized access to your Private, confidential information. We also update and test our computers and other technology to assure the integrity and security of our information systems.

We Restrict Disclosure Of Account Information

Citizens Community Bank does not reveal specific information about your accounts or other personally identifiable data to parties outside our organization unless it is under the following circumstances; you request or authorized disclosure; information is provided to help complete a transaction initiated by you; information is provided to a reputable credit bureau or similar information reporting agency; or the disclosure is otherwise lawfully permitted or required.

We Maintain Your Privacy When We Do Business Outside Our Bank

It is sometimes necessary to provide personally identifiable information about you to a party outside our organization. Some examples or when we hire a vendor or service company to prepare your account statements or to provide support for one or more of our products or services. When we work with outside businesses or companies, these vendors agree to safeguard your personal confidential information, and these vendors must abide by applicable law.

We Will Not Share Your Information Outside Our Organization

We maintain procedures designed to protect your confidential information. Other than under the limited exceptions explained in paragraph above, it is our practice to not share confidential customer information outside our organization. You do not need to request this confidentiality – it is our standard practice.

FDIC Insurance

Our accounts are insured by the FDIC up to $250,000 per person and can be more when certain conditions are met.

For more information about temporary FDIC insurance coverage of transaction accounts, visit www.fdic.gov.